Prishtina REA

Women- Startups-Innovation LED Businesses - Workshop

On March 28, 2024, the “EU Grant Funding Opportunities” workshop in Tirana, Albania, brought together over 130 women entrepreneurs from diverse sectors. Organized by Prishtina REA, EBRD offices in Tirana and Prishtina, CCP, and Women Economic Chambers (EEN Albania), the event aimed to inform women-led and start-up businesses about EU grant and funding opportunities.


The workshop highlighted funding sources such as EU Horizon, Erasmus +, Digital Program, and others, focusing on areas like research, product development, and innovation. Keynote speakers included Mrs. Alinda Kondi from EEN Albania, who introduced the Single Market Program, and Mrs. Orjona Brahimi from EBRD Tirana, discussing EBRD’s role in supporting sustainable growth. Mr. Ahmet Jetullahu-Meti offered a detailed guide on navigating EU funding, including how to apply for grants and tenders.


Participants learned about the EU Tenders Platform, creating an EU Login, obtaining a Participant Identification Code (PIC), and tips for writing successful proposals. The workshop also covered the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program for SMEs and startups, and the EENergy project, aiming to empower attendees with knowledge and tools for securing EU funding.


The event concluded with insights into the IKAT Tourism 2nd Call for SMEs in Europe, showcasing the workshop’s comprehensive approach to educating and enabling women entrepreneurs to tap into EU funding and grant opportunities for growth and innovation