The CBC Montenegro – Kosovo “Tourism for Future” project aims at contributing to the development of the cross – border sus- tainable tourism through networking, introducing green key and eco standards, improving competitiveness and joint promotion. The two -years project is implemented by Prishtina REA in partnership with IPER, Kolasin Municipality and Gjeravica, and supported by Peja Municipality The impact is the promotion of the participation of SMEs target- ing EU certification systems, in particular, the EU Ecolabel and
EMAS aiming at compliance adaptations necessary to request relevant and achievable internationally recognized certification schemes.

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Expected Outputs:

Project Main Activities:

WP1  Project Management and Promotion (R 1, R2, R3, R4, R5)
Act. 1.1. Project setup and mobilisation
Act. 1.2. Communication and Visibility Strategy promotion,information and dissemination
Act. 1.3. Mapping of beneficiaries-analysing their needs for support
Act. 1.4 Define scope of training and standards certification portfolio

WP2  Capacity Building component- sustainable effective management, eco-development system, Eco label Auditing ToT, Eco-friendly international standards certification, culture
heritage, agro food sector, nature and environment as eco-tourism value (R1, R2, R3)
Act. 2.1 Design and Implement the Training Program-Sustainable Effective Management, Eco-development system, Eco-friendly international standards
Act. 2.2 Design and implement the mentoring support services
Act. 2.3 Launching the Application call for Eco-Label standard Certification for hotel Industry and Auditors, selection and implementation separately of Certifications for Hotels and Auditors
Act. 2.4 Promote good practices of green key and Eco labels to tourism Ecosystem

WP3  Designing and installing the Integrated Tourism and Communication Platform and
implementing the Communication & Visibility Plan (R4, R5)
Act. 3.1 Design and develop the IT Online Communication and Promotion Platform
Act. 3.2 Populate, upgrade and maintain the IT Online Platform

WP4  Promoting cultural heritage and economy & organizing two CB tourism festivals and two
Eco-Trails (R5)
Act. 4.1 Organizing the CBC Tourism Festival in Peja and Kolasin
Act. 4.2. Organizing the Eco-trails in Peja and Kolasin

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