Prishtina REA

The CBC Montenegro-Kosovo “Tourism for Future” project aims at contributing to the development of the cross-border sustainable tourism through networking, introducing green key and eco standards, improving competitiveness and joint promotion. The two-years project is implemented by Prishtina REA in partnership with IPER, Kolasin Municipality and Gjeravica, and supported by Peja Municipality


The impact is the promotion of the participation of SMEs targeting EU certification systems, in particular, the EU Ecolabel and EMAS aiming at compliance adaptations necessary to request relevant and achievable internationally recognized certification schemes.

Specific objectives

Increasing sustainable effective management demonstration of the ecotourism system at the
cross-bordering area having into consideration environment, socio-economic, quality, health
and safety issues, and international Eco labels standard certification and capacities,

Increasing the social and economic benefits to the local community and decrease negative
impacts, in key terms of employment of local people, supporting local initiatives and
opportunities for local entrepreneurs to complement the eco development system,

Increasing benefits to cultural heritage, environment, natural heritage, energy, waste, waster,
eco-trails, friendly products and interaction between tourists and wildlife as value add to
ecotourism and unifying this tourism linkage

Increasing the ICT modernization and interaction to the interaction to the agro food sector
international market

Target Groups: The surrounding tourism sector, tourism-oriented business stakeholders, rural small and family business, tourism organizations, tour operators. Eco-label auditing specialist, cross-border communities, the local municipal relevant departments, the operating touristic organizations, old cultural heritage archaeological and rural attractions, national trade, industry and tourism bodies