Prishtina REA

Project 2

Implementation of civil service reform across the public administration

Client: EU Delegation in Albania

Overall objective

The overall objective of the project is to further strengthen public sector governance and efficiency of the Albanian Public Administration.


The Specific objectives are as follows:

  • Strengthening DoPA’s management and oversight capacity in implementation of the civil service and salaries reform.
  • Increasing capacities in using different tools for implementation of business processes.
  • Strengthening ASPA’s capacities in managing and delivering quality trainings.

Co-organizing the Western Balkan Digital Summit in Prishtina 2022 (in support to Ministry of Economy, RCC, EU)

Client: Ministry of Economy and RCC

Overall objective


Kosovo Government – Ministry of Economy led the process of organizing the fifth Western Digital Summit in Pristina, which is endorsed by European Union, German Government within the Berlin Process and Regional Cooperation Council. The WB Digital Summit Pristina 2022 aims to promote the Western Balkans digital perspective in the context of EU Integration. The main topics of the summit: Youth and Digital Skills, Infrastructure & Services Connectivity, Digital Economy, Trust and Security.

Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff: 

An integrated part of the WB6 Digital Summit Pristina 2022 Day II, recognized as Digital Economy, composed of three main sessions, having over 600 participants:


  • Opening Speech by the Special guest:
  • Tech Parks round table
  • Matchmaking Platform format
  • B2B Matchmaking Event

           Inspiration talk: Trust & Security

Building the capacities of Department of Public and Economic Policies (DEPP) at Ministry of Finance in processing and managing economic data

Client: G2G -Ministry of Finance

Overall objective


Accordingly, DEPP intention was to improve the quality of economic analysis and forecasts through more efficient use of economic data. For these reasons, the assistance of a technical expertise provision of Information Systems and Databases that will work closely with the DEPP and the IT Department in the Ministry of Finance in establishing an information system to achieve this goal is required. Expert activity is elaborated below under the objectives, assignments, activity and final deliverables. To sum it up, the activity provided solutions for an information system design, created a database and a standardized interconnection that enabled automatic data update, assisted the database population, and trained MoF staff to operate and maintain of the information system in the future

Review of market surveillance function–with focus on Market Inspectorate in MTI-and preparation of relevant recommendations based on good international practices

Client: USAID/G2G

Overall objective

The Ministry of Finance –Government of Republic of Kosovo managed the ‘Review of market surveillance function – focus on Market Inspectorate in MTI – and preparation of relevant recommendations based on good international practices’ project, The purpose of these consulting services is to support the Market Inspectorate and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as competent institutions in this field to review the legislation, organization and current structures and give recommendations for amendments.

Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff:


  • Review of the current legislation;
  • Study report;
  • Workshops and study visits;
  • Providing the recommendations to the state mechanisms 
  • Study visits

Digital Agenda 2030

Client: Ministry of Economy and KODE Program

Overall objective


Obj. 1: Review the implementation of the current & preparation of the new Digital Agenda and Action Plan,

Obj. 2: Conduct Market analysis of market no.31 and 3b, and wholesale high-quality access provided at a fixed location,

Obj. 3. Preparation of the draft Regulations on Open Access, Dispute resolution and Market analysis regulation/methodology. The project provide as follows:

– Advice, support and information activities;

– Cross-border partnering activities for   business cooperation, technology transfer and innovation and 

– Promotion of network services and communication activities Network building and reinforcing
   the Network;

– Project Management