Prishtina REA

EfVET is based in Brussels and represents over 1500 VET Institutions in Europe reaching out to approximately 600 000 learners and 50 000 VET professionals, with links to the global state of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

Prishtina REA has been one of the driving forces behind implementation of programs, projects and/or trainings in the field of youth up skills, mentoring and coaching for VET students, VET and market-oriented training and formal education, HEI level, curricula development and implementation, job skills and pedagogical capacity building, internship, on-the job training, career guidance, VET internationalisation and networking, employment, business start-up, entrepreneurship, business skills development, employment and job creation, support to VET/startups, well-established management system and staffing including in-depth experience in need assessment and mentoring, and coaching.

EfVET sits on a number of key working groups and coordinating bodies across the European Commission´s policy domain and also advises CEDEFOP working groups- The European Alliance for Apprenticeships and PACT for youth having also participated in the 3 working groups set up under the Framework of CEDEFOP Community of Learning Providers.


EfVET mission is to enhance VET provision across all members through an active networking of all the key actors. To create the capacity to influence policy at European and National level.