Rreth Trajnimit

IT Essentials dhe Soft Skills në Mitrovicë është një mundësi unike për të rinjt punëkërkues për të rritur shkathtësitë e tyre profesionale dhe teknike në fushën e TIK dhe shkathtësive të buta. Trajnimet ofrohen për 4 grupe me nga 20 pjesëmarrës. IT Essentials dhe Soft Skills ka 300 orë, ku 265 orë janë IT Essentials ndërsa 35 orë Soft Skills.

Secili grup do të ketë  së paku 9-të orë trajnim në vendin e punës, mentorim dhe këshillim.

Trajnimet për grupe organizohen në çdo të tretin muaj.


Kush mund të aplikoj?

  • Mbi 16 vjeç;
  • Të keni njohuri bazike të gjuhës angleze;
  • I papunë ose i nënpunësuar.

Si mund të aplikosh?

Aplikimi eshte mbyllur!

Kohëzgjatja e programit: 5 Muaj,

Formati: Trajnimi do të mbahet me prani fizike duke respektuar masat e qeverisë për COVID-19.

Gjuha e trajnimit: Gjuha Shqipe.

IT Essentials Plan Programi

IT Essentials - Përshkrimi


Prepare students to use IT independently in order to accomplish their tasks on working place. Moreover, students will learn to use available credible information that are available online and they will learn to conduct researches.

Learning Outcomes

Security Concepts

  • Threats to Data, Value of information, Personal security, File security
  • Malware, Definition and function types, Protection, Network security
  • Network, Network Connections

IT basic

  • Understand what ICT is, as well as give examples about their application in daily life.
  • Assess health and safety issues as well as some environmental protection factors that relate to the use of computers
  • Supporting important legal issues related to copying, copyright protection related to computer usage.
  • Show his / her knowledge and skills in using common computer functions to utilize the help functions.

Internet of Things (Internet of Things IoT)

  • Understand how digital transformation transforms information into action, creating unique business opportunities
  • Understand how IoT unites operational technology and information technology systems.
  • Find out how business processes are transformed to evaluate and solve problems
  • Implementing Azure Cloud Computing for IoT Device Management
  • Implement the IoT solution infrastructure on Azure

 Introduction to Operating Systems, Differences Between “Open Source and Closed Source”

  • Apply and work with definitions in Windows10 and work with Live IDs
  • Users and privacy
  • Work with apps
  • File management
  • Partition and file definitions


Text processing


Communication and impact of social networks



  • Logical functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Financial functions
  • Creating, editing and activating macros
  • Modify standard Excel parameters
  • Data consolidation
  • Use of subtotal
  • Definition and application of advanced filters
  • Data clustering
  • Implementation of data validity
  • Creating and modifying the list order
  • Adding, displaying, closing, editing, merging and summarizing scripts
  • Data analysis using automated tools
  • Create Pivot tables and PivotChart reports
  • Implementation of Lookup and Reference functions
  • Implementation of Database functions
  • Localization of data and formulas
  • Viewing and evaluating formulas
  • Protect your cell, workbooks and worksheets
  • Applying security parameters to the workbook
  • Workbook sharing

Text processing

  • Program utilization
  • Automatic content
  • Academic references
  • Subject Index
  • Work with sections
  • Placing photos and other objects
  • Deployment of applications and content online
  • Mail Merge serial letters
  • Work with One Drive
  • Preparation of printing


  • Work with presentations and save them in different formats.
  • Selects standard functions within the application such as the help function to increase productivity.
  • Use different presentation layouts, select layouts, different slide designs.
  • Applying a good practice in using the same headings in slides.
  • Selection, creation and formatting of graphs to present clear information.
  • Upload photos, images, drawing objects and edit them.
  • Adds Transition Animations and Effects to a presentation and checks and corrects the content before the presentation is printed and distributed.

Office 365

  • Why clouding services
  • Office 365 applications
  • Integrating Office365 with Azure Cloud Services
  • Office265 application synchronizations using Azure Cloud Computing

IT Essentials

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • IT Industry

Introduction to the Personal Computer

  • Selecting Replacement Computer Components
  • Configurations for Specialized Computer Systems

Lab Procedures and Tool Use and Computer Assembly

  • Safe Lab Procedures
  • Proper Use of Tools
  • Computer Assembly
  • Boot the Computer
  • Upgrading and Configuring a PC
  • Data backups and Systems

Overview of Preventative Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Basic OS Troubleshooting
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Process
  • Common Preventative Maintenance Techniques Used for Networks
  • Common Preventive Maintenance Techniques for Operating Systems
  • Laptop Hardware and Component Installation and Configuration
  • Common Preventive Maintenance Techniques for Laptops
  • Basic Troubleshooting for Laptops

Operating Systems

  • Modern Operating Systems
  • Operating System Installation
  • The Windows GUI and Control Panel
  • Client-Side Virtualization
  • Managing Processors and Service Allocation using Azure


  • Principles of Networking
  • Identifying Networks
  • Basic Networking Concepts and Technologies
  • Sharing resources via network (Printer, Server etc.)
  • Physical Components of a Network
  • Network Topologies
  • Ethernet Standards
  • OSI and TCP/IP Data Models
  • Computer to Network Connection
  • Basic Troubleshooting Process for Networks using tools (DNS, DHCP, ping, nslookup and tracert, local remote desktop, port forwarding and external remote desktop)
  • Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Device Hardware Overview
  • Mobile Device Operating Systems
  • Network Connectivity and Email
  • Methods for Securing Mobile Devices
  • Basic Troubleshooting for Mobile Devices

Internet Security and Online Payment

  • Raising awareness about Security Threats
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Issues with viruses, worms and malware
  • Online Transaction tools (PayPal, Skrill etc.)
  • Shopping online threats
  • Security Procedures
  • Common Preventive Maintenance Techniques for Security
  • Basic Troubleshooting Process for Security

The IT Professional

  • Communication Skills and the IT Professional
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in the IT Industry
  • Call Center Technicians

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Computer Components and Peripherals
  • Operating Systems
  • Networks
  • Laptops
  • Security

Cloud Technologies

  • Importance of using Cloud Technologies
  • Data Synchronization on Cloud Platforms
  • Implementing Microsoft Azure as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Using different cloud storage platforms (Google Drive, Drop Box, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Azure Cloud Concepts and Services
  • Azure Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Online Collaboration Tools

  • How can we organize online meetings?
  • Collaboration between team members using online meeting tools
  • Using Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, WebEx
  • Client Relationship Management Tool
  • Using free CRM tools such as SugarCRM Community Edition
  • Project Management and Task Tracking tools
  • Integrating All in One service through Azure Data Management and Collaboration

Communication and impact of social networks

  • Understand what the internet is and the common notions associated with it. Be aware of the security aspects when using the internet.
  • Perform routine tasks related to searching Web sites through the Web Browser and search engines
  • Request information and fill out web forms.
  • Save Web pages and download files from the web. Copies texts from web pages to a document.
  • Understand what email is and recognize some of the advantages and disadvantages of using it. To know other communication options.
  • Be aware of the potential for productivity growth when working with email. Organizing and managing emails
  • Social networks and their impact on business LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Soft Skills Plan Programi

Soft Skills - Përmbajtja

Session 1:

  • Analytical skills,
  • Design skills,
  • Communication skills.
  • Presentations skills;
  • Basics of time management;
  • Various types of online outsourcing marketplaces that exist and their utilization in the context of Kosovo;
  • How to approach and communicate with different types of clients; Basics of project management (use of project management and communication software);
  • Making a resume, project portfolio.

Session 2:

  • Basic knowledge about finance (Personal finance management, covering taxation) and market;
  • Types of tasks that one could undertake on such marketplaces;
  • Strategies for finding one’s competitive niche on such marketplaces;
  • How to create an online work profile and maintain it while leveraging self-marketing techniques; Bidding, proposing and negotiating with clients;
  • Ensuring quality and timely delivery of online tasks;
  • Receiving payments in the context of Kosovo;
  • Building long-term working relationships with online clients

Rreth Projektit KODE 

Qeveria e Kosovës është mbështetur nga Banka Botërore për të zbatuar Projektin për Ekonominë Dixhitale të Kosovës (KODE). Projekti KODE e implementuar nga Ministria e Ekonomisë do të financojë bazat kritike të nevojshme për transformim dixhital dhe përmbushjen e politikave. Projekti do të ofrojë infrastrukturë telekomunikuese me shpejtësi të lartë dhe do të mbështesë qasjen në tregjet e punës, burimet e reja të njohurive dhe shërbimeve publike për familjet dhe institucionet në zonat e Projektit. Në nivel kombëtar, Projekti do të trajnojë dhe lidhë të rinjtë me mundësitë e punësimit përmes Programit YOU dhe do të përmirësojë qasjen në burimet e njohurive, duke përfshirë mundësitë më të mira të arritjes dhe bashkëpunimit me Institucionet e Arsimit të Lartë. 

Rreth Programit YOU 

Programi YOU do të financojë ofrimin e trajnimeve për të rinjtë dhe lidhjen e tyre me mundësitë e punës. Aktivitetet do të mundësohen kryesisht për të rinjtë dhe të rejat e papunësuara ose të nën-punësuara për të rritur aftësinë e tyre për të konkurruar në segmentet përkatëse të punës. Programi do të aftësojë përfituesit për të kryer shërbime të TI ose të mundësuara nga TI. Pritet që përmes këtij trajnimi përfituesit të rrisin potencialin e punësimit të tyre në tregun vendor të TIK-ut. 

Projekti Trajnime IT Essentials dhe Soft Skills implementohet nga Prishtina REA  në partneritet me Universitetit të Shkencave të Aplikuara në Ferizaj