Prishtina REA
We’re excited to announce a series of Kosovo e-ID platform training sessions, a key milestone for the EU4Innovation Kosovo e-ID journey towards digital governance. After the professional eID in Italy, starting February 05th, we’ll host specialized training modules for Registration Officers, Administration and Maintenance staff, and Developers.
These sessions, involving various governmental bodies and banking developers, are set to enhance skills and streamline the implementation of the Kosovo e-ID solution across different sectors. Follow us in this pivotal phase as we shape a digitally empowered Kosovo. Watch this space for more updates on our progress!

elD Solution TOT- in ITALY

Participants: project trainers and Ministry of Economy official

e-ID platform trainings for Registration Officers

Participants: Registration Officers of ARC and ARBK

e-ID platform trainings for Administration and Maintenance

Participants: ME and ASHI

e-ID platform trainings for Developers for e-ID integrations

Participants: ME, ASHI, ARC, ARBK, ATK, Cus- toms, Banks Assoc, Prishtina Municipality