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Elevate Your Innovation with the EEN2EIC Accelerator Fund

Are you ready to take your innovative business to the next level❓
The EEN2EIC Accelerator Fund is here to support you on your journey. EEN2EIC Accelerator fund offers substantial grants ranging from €500,000 to €2,500,000 💶to innovative companies.🚀

What EEN2EIC offers:

Generous Funding: Secure a grant between €0.5M and €2.5M to accelerate your project.

Collaborative Development: Work closely with our team to refine and enhance your innovative proposals.

Global Network: Gain access to a vast network of experts, resources, and opportunities through EEN Kosovo.

How to Submit your proposal:

1. Prepare a short, innovative proposal that showcases your company’s potential and vision. 


What is the problem, what are the findings, what about the Challenge, is the need well-defined?/ If there is no well analysed- justified Challenge, the Solution can be in risk...


Solution/Product or Service (USP): what is the Innovation Solution designed/ developed, that corresponds to the Challenge findings/ problem you have anaysed), does the solution provide answer to the challenge defined eic? Its occration, function, its unique technologies and tools, its distinguishing features, its differentiates


Brief about line market. Analysis you have undertaken, bring indication, statistics, present analytically the competitors, both advantages and risks, show your expected positioning in the market.


Present measurable indicators to be generated, as the result of the Impact the Innovation Solution will produce. Sectorial, industrial, ecosystem, society etc.


Describe the company is consolidation, its grown process, its challenges, its achievements, the relation of the company profile to the Innovation sclucion designed.


Who is behind the company, who stands behind this application, Their profile's, experiences, education and expertise, the management resources etc.


Explain and justify the funding request, break it down, bring rational invesment approach over the proposal and demonstrate your co-financing capabilities.

2. Submit your proposal to us for review – our dedicated team will work closely with you, offering guidance and support to refine and enhance your innovative proposals.

Don’t miss this chance to accelerate your growth and make a significant impact in your industry. Apply now and join the ranks of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are shaping the future.
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