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Prishtina REA has MoU with several Business Associations, ABK, AKA, CoC, Solidarnost (a Serbian Association of Enterprises).
Prishtina REA is member of several International Consortiums for Economic Development Promotion.

Prishtina REA is certificated Agency by EAR as Business Development Service Provider and Accredited by MTI.  Prishtina REA has got its image, reputation and market towards the SELFSUSTAINABILITY. Prishtina REA has a unique relationship with the Kosova municipalities. Prishtina REA has contributed significantly to the local development of the municipalities of Prishtina region by providing them with customized training and advisory services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Project Management and Procurement.  In 2003, Prishtina REA assisted the seven municipalities of Prishtina region in designing their Strategy for SME Development, while the main focus was on Rural Development, a project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. Prishtina REA was contracted by OSCE, to implement the Technical Assistance and Training Project on Municipal Budget and Financial Management, aiming on delivering eight training modules on Municipal Budget and Financial Management, provide technical assistance to the PFC members of the seven municipalities from Prishtina and Lipjan region, provide assistance to the MIO to design the brochures for draft budget and Master brochure-final budget for seven municipalities in both languages, the media debates through the media radio station, organizing the Regional Roundtable conference with seven municipalities, etc. Prishtina REA is also the only Local Development Agency with a strong expertise in SME promotion and networking, covering Agrobusiness too. Prishtina REA is member of several bodies and boards of Local Economic Development, operating in Kosova.

Let’s mention here that Prishtina REA for almost three years now, operates as country partner of Junior Achievement Worldwide a leader of Entrepreneurship Education programs. We have prepared, translated, adjusted, designed and delivered to 17 schools seven programs now. Our staffs was in charge with all management, translation, adjustment, designing, layout and training of all materials, guides for teachers, students, business consultants, exercising tools, brochures, flyers, posters etc. So, it is in house preparation and management.

We have finished implementing a “Regional (Balkan) Economic Cooperation” project supported by Balkan Trust Fund covering five countries in order to facilitate and coordinate the regional economic development. Part of the project is also the two-days Regional Economic Cooperation Conference, to be held during November in Prishtina, where there will be attending about 80 different Stakeholders from five countries.We are co-partner with ATA, in the three years Regional Private Sector Development project, covering five Balkan countries.
Also our staffs are engaged on providing Advanced Management Training, Budget and Financial management training and general Management, Training for KIPA training of trainers program and training of civil servants and Leadership, Motivation and Managing training for the KIPA senior managers for this year.


Kosovo as an economic partner
Road Construction Sector - International and contact journey 15 to 18 December 2009 ....
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Prishtina REA in collaboration with Mercy Corps are engaged on delivering the package of fifteen  ‘five days’ sets, as part of the USAID funded “Support to Kosovo’s Young Leaders”  project....

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