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Prishtina REA Backgroung

There are about 65 different projects implemented by Prishtina REA, Kosova wide and regionally, to all ethnic groups, training, advisory and consultancy services, studies, market research, technical assistance to Association and Cooperative establishment and management etc.

There are 7 full-time staff and 17 part-time experts. Among them, we have experienced and educated staff ranging between PhD and B.A. degree, and there are more than 300 CV of consultants in our database.

Currently, there are more than 150 different training subjects available, designed and tested by our team. We have worked with several partners: CIDA, European Perspective (one agriculture project, working with the managers of their eight rural assoc’s), World Vision (2 agriculture projects, beneficiary assoc,), LWF (2 agriculture projects, working with their beneficiary assoc.), IRC (Bookkeeping and Basic Administration for six regional centres, including north Mitrovica), UMCOR (4 agriculture projects, covering services for coops and agriculture farmers and assoc.), USAID-KBS-Save the Children (two studies, Fresh Vegetable Market and Potato Industry in Kosova), OSCE, GTZ, CECI, SEED, CARE Int (2 agriculture projects and the members of their assoc’s), UNOPS-Mitrovica region (Most of Mitrovica regional Business Associations and chamber of commerce, for all ethnicities), ABU/EAR one Marketing and Sales Training program( ABU staff, their clients, MARFD staff and service providers), KWI (three training and consultancy projects for the Association members on Marketing, Business Planning, Financial Management and Sustainability), DIWI (establishment of the Road Association), NGO Mundësia (training & designingits Marketing Plan), PVPT Association (training and designing its Strategic Planning) OSCE, USAID/KCBS-KAMP, SHPUK, CRS etc. ... read more



Kosovo as an economic partner
Road Construction Sector - International and contact journey 15 to 18 December 2009 ....
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Prishtina REA in collaboration with Mercy Corps are engaged on delivering the package of fifteen  ‘five days’ sets, as part of the USAID funded “Support to Kosovo’s Young Leaders”  project....

Internship Vacancy Announcement ... click here to download the description


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