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Str. UCK n.n, Prishtina - Kosovo | tel: +381 (0)38 244 951/2 | fax: +381 (0)38 244 952 | mob: +377 (0)44 173 581 e-mail:prishtinarea@yahoo.com




Prishtina REA was established under the initiative of the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) in 2001 as part of the European Union Integrated SME Development Program for Kosovo. Prishtina Regional Enterprise Agency-

Prishtina REA has been established to provide in a professional and cost effective manner business advisory and business training services to SME’s and entrepreneurs, local and central level government institutions in Kosova and as promoter of local economic development. Prishtina REA understands itself as a change agent for the start, growth and consolidation of autochthonous organizations.

As a local Agency, Prishtina REA has been delivering its services all over Kosova and regionally for almost six years by trained and experienced trainers, advisers and consultants.

Healthy built up and developed structures and networks, and the supportive activities to the municipalities, ministries, governmental and non-governmental organizations and an institution, Prishtina REA within the associated partnership initiatives, is market-oriented service provider - Agency.

Now, we operate as an independent service provider, operationally and financially.



Kosovo as an economic partner
Road Construction Sector - International and contact journey 15 to 18 December 2009 ....
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Prishtina REA in collaboration with Mercy Corps are engaged on delivering the package of fifteen  ‘five days’ sets, as part of the USAID funded “Support to Kosovo’s Young Leaders”  project....

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