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"Prishtina REA is an Agency to promote, support and assist the SME sector"


Prishtina REA is a EU-funded agency for SME-development that understands itself as a change agent for the start, growth and consolidatin of autochtonous organisations. The Prishtina Regional Enterprise Agency- Prishtina REA has been established to provide in a professional and cost effective manner business advisory and business training services to SMEs and entrepreneurs in Kosova. Since the Agency was established in December 2001, it has been very active in the field of providing business development services for SMEs all over Kosova.The management training is the key instrument to enable local talents to run high-performing teams at state-of-the-art-level.


The Agency has been registered as an association under UNMIK Regulation 22/1999 and will operate as an independent non-governmental organization.

The Agency was established on 7 November 2001 starting with four staff members. Now, there are seven full-time and four part-time staff members. They were undergoing a training programme, which was being carried out by international experts, and in addition, they have had the full time services of an international business expert for ten months during 2002. The expert worked as a counsellor to the staff of the Agency, participating in meetings with clients, offering advice and guidance on matters arising with the intention of passing on his expertise using a practical, non-theoretical approach.


The Agency has got three core activities:

  - Business Advice and Consultancy Services - a full list of our advisory services is provided in Section 4 of the business plan;
  - Business Training - the Agency has designed, with the assistance of European experts, and develop, to an internationally accepted standard, a range of training seminars, programmes and courses;
  - Business Promotion - the Agency assists Kosova entrepreneurs to promote their business and their products by planning and organising various promotional activities.

These services will be available to people wishing to start up in business and to entrepreneurs who are already in business. However, in order to fully be able to provide high impact, tailor-made training, PREA will design more in depth, comprehensive, participatory assessments with each area to identify needs, resources and rank priorities.
The results of the assessments will be the basis for the type and level of the training provided.


REA Prishtina will invest great emphasis on the behavioral sustainability of its program activities, with specific concentration on changing the mindset of business communities from emergency relief to long – term development.
The trainings, technical assistance and demonstration plots by Prishtina REA experts will provide the mechanisms for sustainable adoption of new methodologies and technologies by businesses. PREA applies an integrated approach to international development that capitalizes on PREA background as a leading business development service provider throughout Kosova, in charge with the best local business training capacity.

Furthermore, Prishtina REA has had a great deal of success in its business community development and mobilization activities for start-ups, and will use these experiences when designing and implementing any project. Most recently, the projects implemented (being implemented) so far developed a number of participatory decision-making processes, action planning, and monitoring/evaluation techniques. Lessons learned and successes from these projects will be incorporated into the next projects where possible.

REA Prishtina –Director


Kosovo as an economic partner
Road Construction Sector - International and contact journey 15 to 18 December 2009 ....
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Prishtina REA in collaboration with Mercy Corps are engaged on delivering the package of fifteen  ‘five days’ sets, as part of the USAID funded “Support to Kosovo’s Young Leaders”  project....

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